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NGOs, the new vigilantes?

On the 11th of February, my colleagues and I from Collectif Urgence Toxida deponed in front of the Commission of Inquiry on Drug Trafficking (which by the way is not getting much media coverage, I wonder why?).  As you would expect from any professional organisation, we prepared ourselves beforehand (meetings, discussions, compiling evidence-based facts) and thought we were ready to face the panel of commissioners, to share our field experience,

The vilification of Harm Reduction – A recipe for disaster

Over the past few months, civil society working in the field of harm reduction in Mauritius have faced various threats; false information has been spread on NGO staff, false accusations on the way the programme is run, and our funding model and process are being targeted (in the hope that we stop being vocal). Throughout these months of constant non-stop pressure, I have seen my colleagues break down in tears

The silence of Health care professionals of the Ministry of Health & Quality of Life

This week, the Minister of Health, the Honourable Anil Gayan, announced some fundamental changes that will affect public health in the months and years to come. He remained quite vague as to what would be a suitable alternative to the Methadone Substitution Therapy – calling this medicine a Dangerous Drug, and at the same time, saying that the government has become a drug trafficker (Commission on Drugs – take note).

[Vidéo] Un plan national sur les drogues basé sur la santé nécessaire, estiment les ONG

Les drogues font, certes, des ravages. Mais la répression, surtout à l’encontre des consommateurs, causent aussi des dégâts. Les intervenants lors du débat organisé à l’Institut Cardinal Jean Margéot, ce jeudi 25 juin, le reconnaissent tous. Et tous le disent : il faut revoir la politique nationale sur les drogues à Maurice. Avoir un plan qui considère la problématique sous l’angle de la santé publique, et plus seulement comme un problème à

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