ION DIGITAL LTD is the owner of the ION NEWS and ION LABS trade names. The ION NEWS trade name was formerly owned by the Indian Ocean Network Ltd. In September 2020, the ION NEWS trade name was acquired by new investors. As an independent, refreshing, purely digital media company with a revamped management team, ION NEWS and ION LABS are dedicated to getting the future right.

Our editorial networks ignite conversations through journalism, storytelling and commentary on current events, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, food, technology, and politics. Across digital, podcasts, live videos, streaming, and mobile optimized e-paper, we tell stories that affect our audience’s daily lives and entertain as much as they inform.

Our portfolio features the most relevant editorial properties across the biggest consumer categories, which will be launched in a phased manner. We are passionate about supporting sustainable editorial and business practices and leading the responsible direction of our industry. Find out how you can partner with us today by contacting us.

Our Capabilities in Digital Space

In an industry consumed by clicks, ION Labs help your brand go deeper. We work with advertising partners to develop branded content that taps into ION NEWS’ deep editorial subject matter expertise. Only we can access the authoritative house of brands, creating content that delves deep into and across a universe of economics, politics, food, sports, gaming, tech and more. And because we leverage the same data, insights and tools as our editorial partners from ION NEWS, we ensure you meet the most curious and passionate people along the way.

Interested in working together? Connect with us! Reach out to ION LABS. What we can do together?

Digital Solutions

Using the perfect combination of experience and evidence, we use a holistic approach to craft online campaigns that reflect and expand upon offline goals.

Video campaigns

Videos are the drivers of media consumption. We provide video communication campaigns, live video event services and issue based advocacy.

Data & micro-targeting

We use the latest techniques, tools, and strategies to make data-driven decisions on everything we do, from branding strategy to advertising and social media campaigns.

Social Advertising

Claiming deep expertise across search, display, and social advertising platforms, we’re experts at leveraging the right combination of strategy, creative, and targeting to effectively engage key audiences.


We follow a “digital first” strategy in developing every asset which your brand may require. We undertake ideation research and come up with new models which will drive audiences to your brand.