In order to fulfil the island economy’s plans to transform itself into a higher education hub, the University of Mauritius (UoM) is currently working on a strategic plan from 2015-2020.

UoM Vice-Chancellor Professor Romeela Mohee noted that the institution aims to be counted among the top 10 universities in Africa and is on track to achieve this objective.

Moreover, she noted that another major goal the university wants to achieve over the next five years is to position itself as an institution of excellence in the region.

“We intend to review the quality of services and facilities on our campus because we attach great importance to the UoM student experience. We will also build on partnerships between UoM and other universities as well as international research institutes,” she said.

She made these statements at a consultative session hosted by the UoM with private and public sector employees on Tuesday, 12 August 2014.

During the consultative session, which lasted just over two hours, the UoM management took stock of the latest developments on campus and outlined the projects it intends to take up from 2015 onwards.

The forum also served as an opportunity for the various stakeholders at the university to give their views and to share their suggestions for these projects.

During his speech, Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the UoM board, Professor Soodursun Jugessur, underlined the importance of close collaboration between the private and the public sectors to ensure that graduates gain access to employment opportunities.

He also emphasized that research is necessary for the development of various sectors of the Mauritian economy and called out to local companies to invest in this area.

In addition, with focus on the future of the ocean economy, UoM last week launched a faculty dedicated to oceanographic studies to contribute a skilled workforce to the industry.

Professor Jugessur noted that UoM has contributed to various aspects of economic development on the island, particularly in the sectors of textiles, tourism and agriculture, among others.

This meeting with employees provided an opportunity, a first, for each and every faculty of UoM to share its recent achievements and announce its targets for 2015-2020.

Employees have hailed UoM’s initiative to bring together its various stakeholders to discuss the way forward.

According to them, it is essential to not only make UoM a meeting place where debates will be encouraged but also develop it as an institution that promotes art and culture.

The UoM will be scheduling another meeting with its staff at a later date to present the finalized 2015-2020 Strategic Plans.

Image (UoM): UoM Vice-Chancellor Professor Romeela Mohee noted that the institution is on track to achieve the objective of being counted among the top 10 universities in Africa.

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