Mauritius taxpayers can expect to settle taxes more conveniently as not only has Form 1A been amended to let employees with other source of revenues declare them easily, but taxpayers can also use credit cards to make tax payments, starting March.

Sudhamo Lal, director of the Mauritius Revenue Authority, pointed out during a press conference yesterday that some Mauritians, for instance teachers, have other source of revenue such as private tuitions and are scared of declaring these additional incomes as they have already received a salary.

The MRA director assured that, on the amended form, these people will now be able to declare their additional income without changing status.

For the education sector, tuition providers will be informed about their legal obligations and measures will be taken by the MRA to identify those giving private tuitions.

In addition, those renting out premises will also have to declare their income in the amended form 1A.

The director also announced other facilities to ease tax declaration. Taxpayers will be able to pay tax upto Rs 25,000 with their credit card as from March.

It is to be noted that the MRA cracked down on 95 people for non-payment of taxes last year. Hence, the MRA declared that it will step up efforts to sensitize taxpayers on their fiscal duty.

The latter stated that Rs 61.7 billion was collected as taxes in 2013 and indicated that 90% of the income was collected through the electronic route.

As computerization allows the MRA to reduce its use of paper by 12.5%, taxpayers will get access to e-filling from their smartphone or a touchpad.

The tax office also plans to take into account the measures announced by Finance Minister Xavier-Luc Duval during the presentation of the Budget 2014 by introducing the VAT Refund Scheme.

The VAT Refund Scheme covers reimbursement of VAT up to an amount of Rs 300,000 on the construction of any house or purchase of an apartment costing under Rs 2.5 million.

A Special Measures Unit will be implemented to focus on sectors where the tax evasion is frequent and considerable, particularly restaurants, industries producing goods intended for export or construction.

The director of MRA also announced the launching of a lottery for every purchase of product taxed under VAT. The person can be part of the lottery by sending an SMS and the first prize will be Rs 50,000. For each quarter, 20 prizes will be distributed.


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