In the 30th issue of the Human Development Report, Mauritius boasts itself amongst the highest ranked countries in the world at the 66th position. Mauritius’ strategic plan to achieve such a feat lies on its unmatched potential to provide quality education to its population. In fact, Mauritius has trained 100 teachers in 2019 to teach for Primary and Secondary schools, a performance which is on par with higher ranked countries such as UAE and Singapore.

It is encouraging to note that Mauritius is higher on the HDI list than fast developing countries such as China and Brazil. This implies that Mauritius has found the right balance between promoting economic development by investing its resources, time and money in providing quality education and ensuring social equity and gender equality including female equal pay and female education.

Another positive aspect of this report is that Mauritius’ HDI has been steadily growing since 1990 and had experienced the sharpest percentage rise during 2000-2010 period (1.03%). However, Mauritius has dropped by 2 ranks in the HDI ranking since 1990.
Although, there is a general perception in the population that Mauritius is considered to promote a green environment, one major cause of concern is that Mauritius has a declining Forest Change of 6%.

Amongst the Sub-Saharan African region, Mauritius is on top of the list with South Africa being the next best at the 114th position, which in other words, is behind that of Mauritius by a staggering 49 places.

Last but not least, Mauritius poses itself as the leading country with regards to the education and health expenditure compared to military expenditure ratio which reflects the commitment of the country to provide the highest standard of education and healthcare to the population.

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