Mauritius’ tertiary education continues to expand with centres dedicated to nanotechnology, big data, space science and astronomy at the Réduit Campus, mentioned Minister of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology, Rajesh Jeetah, at the laying of foundation stone of the future university.

The Réduit Campus located on the boundary of Réduit, Ebène and Moka, will be called upon to become a nucleus for high end technology and innovation.

The Minister of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment, Surendra Dayal, and other personalities were also present at the event.

Minister Jeetah stated that the Réduit Campus is the third university campuses being constructed after Pamplemousses and Montagne Blanche.

This project is in line with the government’s vision to transform Mauritius into a knowledge centre by expanding access to quality higher education through the creation of tertiary education infrastructure of modern standard across the country.

“The three campuses will be ready next year – the one in Réduit in February and the others in June and July,” Rajesh Jeetah stated.

Mauritian government has the objective of creating a population with high level of technical and professional capacity through new campus buildings in order to make optimum use of technology to sustain growth, respond to complex social, environmental, and economical situations and address development challenges in a bid to compete effectively in a globalised context, according to Minister Jeetah.

With the island’s academic experience, says Rajesh Jeetah, Mauritius’ education space has the required skills to strengthen research and innovation.

The Minister thinks that the future lies in nanotechnology, big data, hence he advised Mauritians to get use with these terms and topics and called on parents to encourage their children to undertake studies in the fields of science and technology.

Minister Jeetah mentioned that Réduit, Ebène and part of Moka already has a ‘knowledge village – a Carrefour de la Connaissance’ and these campuses comprise more than 20,000 of higher education students and academics, some of them being among the brightest, attending institutions in these regions.

As for Minister Surendra Dayal, he highlighted the efforts done by the government in investing in the development of higher education.

“Education is at the heart of Government’s actions and we are therefore striving to make it more accessible to all,” he said.

As part of Government’s national strategy for tertiary education, some 175 acres of land have been reserved to build new campuses namely in Montagne Blanche, Pamplemousses, Piton and Réduit.

Image ( : This project is in line with Government’s vision to transform Mauritius into a knowledge centre by expanding access to quality higher education.

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