Dear Prime Minister

I see that Air Mauritius is now under administration. How the airline got to this point deserves a public inquiry, covering the waltz of Chairmen and CEO’s which have afflicted this company since the mid 1990’s. I was told by an insider that just fitting out the offices of incoming Chairmen, one after another, cost Rs 85M.

There may also be interesting parallels with the bankruptcy of South African Airways, announced just a few days ago. Some people wonder if religious sects are involved.

I just wish to highlight one small fact.

It is well known in the accounting profession that the undertakers, “les fossoyeurs”, les “croque-morts”, the professionals who take a company through administration, often winding up, get paid the highest fees in the profession, which have nothing to do with time spent. One just has to look at what they claimed for the administration of various fragments of the BAI empire a few years ago.

Livelihoods are at stake here, and as we face this difficult situation where hundreds of bona fide employees will lose their jobs, could you please make sure that the administrators don’t walk away with tens of millions, which are sorely needed to relieve hardship amongst the soon-to-be unemployed.

En passant, I thank you and your team in my personal name for an excellent job in controlling the epidemic.

With thanks and personal regards

Sunil Banymandhub

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