The figures are impressive. Almost 1,5 million tourists in 2015, with revenues amounting to 2 billion dollars. Tourism in Tanzania is a booming sector, with a marked growth over the past seven years. It has been, over the last three years, the leading sector in this sub-Saharan country that now wants to partner with Mauritius to promote both destinations.

The country wants to welcome Mauritians but also hopes to benefit from tourists coming to Mauritius who may wish to hop off, later on, to enjoy Tanzanian wildlife, its natural assets and other key features. Devota Mdachi, director of the Tanzania Tourist Board, says she “expects more collaboration between the two countries” and an increase both ways in tourism traffic.

The Tanzania Tourist Board was invited by the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and Air Mauritius to present the destination to Mauritian tour operators today, Wednesday 26th October.

Air Mauritius, its vice-president Raj Deenanath stated, wants to boost traffic on that route.