Weather is a hot topic this summer. Sometimes rain takes us by storm, at others, the day is unbearably sunny.  Mother Nature is unpredictable, yet in the 21st century we can rely on some weather apps to stay safe, and at least keep from getting completely soaked in a sudden shower.


This app is probably the pick of the crowd. Users brag about its easy-to-read displays and the wealth of data it offers. AccuWeather further provides granular details on hourly, daily and weekly conditions thanks to weather forecast updates every 15 minutes. As its name implies, it is pretty accurate, so you can safely plan your trips.

Availability: iPhone, iPad, some Android phones


Living Earth

The best iPhone and iPad utility app in 2013, Living Earth is still highly popular.  The beauty of this app lies in its stunning 3D graphics of the earth.

Tap, zoom, spin and switch; Living earth is fun and eye catching.

Availability: iPhone and iPad

liv earth

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo’s app grabbed many positive headlines last year as it strikes a delicate balance between accuracy, simplicity and beautiful displays.

Upon detecting your location, Yahoo Weather app will choose a related background image from its Yahoo’s Project Weather on Flickr. The app also earns big points thanks to easy-to-read icons. Yes, beauty lies in simplicity!

Availability: iPhone, iPad and Android devices

yahoo weather app