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[Vidéo] Critiques du FMI : Les conclusions sont «erronées», insiste Sesungkur

Sudhir Sesungkur conteste vivement les conclusions d’un working paper publié par le Fonds monétaire international. Celles-ci sont «erronées», soutient le ministre des Services financiers. Le document, ajoute-t-il, est de plus «ambigu» car il ne prend pas en compte les récents efforts du gouvernement, notamment à travers le Finance Bill. «The Cost and Benefits of Tax Treaties with Investment Hubs – Findings from Sub-Saharan Africa» se penche sur les coûts et les

[Video] West Africa Leaks: Mauritius should tell the world what it is doing, says ICIJ’s Fitzgibbon

Mauritius, a tax haven? “In some ways, the definition [of that term] is in the eyes of the beholder,” reckons Will Fitzgibbon, reporter with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). But, adds the journalist, that is how tax inspectors across West Africa refer to Mauritius. Fitzgibbon is the author of an article on the Mauritius-Senegal tax treaty, published last week by the ICIJ in the wake of its West

ActionAid warns Nigeria that Mauritius tax treaty could “hurt” economy

In what could prove to be a setback to Mauritius in cementing its position as a gateway to Africa, the government of Nigeria has been urged to think twice before ratifying its tax treaty with the island nation. As the second largest economy of Sub-Saharan Africa, Nigeria commands a large flow of Foreign Direct Investments into the continent, and Mauritius, with its expertise in guiding global investors interested in making

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