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Social Media: The Indian Success Story / Twitter Diplomacy

The world has discovered fast and furious ways of communicating and social media is prime among them. The Indian government has not only quickly adapted to the new technological revolution in connecting with people but also taken lead, which is why five of its Twitter handles figure among the top ten most followed in the world. These are of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (@NarendraModi), his office (@PMOIndia), External Affairs Minister

Chagos : Une campagne, 1,65 milliard d’électeurs

« Tout ce qui frappe l’imagination des foules se présente sous forme d’une image saisissante et bien nette, dégagée de toute interprétation accessoire, ou n’ayant d’autre accompagnement que quelques faits merveilleux ou mystérieux : une grande victoire, un grand miracle, un grand crime, un grand espoir… » Gustave Le Bon dans Psychologie des foules Paul Bérenger, une fois n’est pas coutume, a été ridiculisé. Il divague, avons-nous lu. Shakeel Mohamed

The changing dynamics of journalism in the age of social media

The tipping point is now! News dissemination and journalism practice have rapidly ascended to the next level as the World Wide Web shifted from numerical and statistical pages to user-generated content concept. The ever-changing dynamics of technology has enabled to redesign our concept and medium of communication with more essentially the rise of social media platforms and online digital media websites where communication and interaction between the user/audience and the

The lure of social media: Community Managers – why you need them?

For a few years now, we have been getting used to social media platforms. The most common ones are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. The standout platform for Mauritius remains Facebook. While the under 35 generation are perfectly acquainted to the tool – yes, Facebook is a tool – the rest of the age groups have been catching up fast. Generally speaking, we are all on Facebook for a main

Facebook crashes worldwide

Users around the world have bumped into the same error message since the last half hour or so while trying to use Facebook. Whether on PC or via the mobile app. “Sorry, something went wrong.” The social media’s server went down but information has yet to be received as to why. It’s working again, so no need to be frantic. Although disgruntled users have taken to other platforms to vent their frustration.

Happiness based on Instagram: Mauritius ranks 10th in Africa but comes 104th globally

In the digital age, happiness is also measured on social media platforms by analysing the number and size of people’s smiles. According to an Instagram-based study by Jetpac conducted on a global scale, Mauritians are somewhat down in the dumps, at least on the social media platform. Jetpac is an app which historically measures public Instagram photos to spot the best cities where vacationers can have fun. This time, the

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