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[Swiss Leaks] 19 Mauriciens font partie d’un circuit global d’évasion fiscale de 100 milliards de dollars

Plus de 100 milliards de dollars qui transitent entre 203 pays. Pour le compte de 106 000 clients dont 19 Mauriciens. C’est une gigantesque affaire de fraude fiscale qui a été mise au jour grâce à une longue et minutieuse enquête de l’International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) et du quotidien Le Monde couvrant la période de 1988 à 2007. Le travail des journalistes d’investigation a permis de déterminer que l’affaire d’évasion

Mauritius: Banks approve students loans of Rs 168 million

Banks in Mauritius have approved a cumulative Rs 168 million worth of student loans over almost a year’s duration between April 15, 2013 and March 31, 2014, according to central bank data. Data released by the Bank of Mauritius showed that, of this amount, Rs 141 million was approved under normal banking terms, whereas only Rs 27 million was sanctioned under the Government Guaranteed Scheme. The three banks which have approved

Four Mauritian companies among top 10 in Indian Ocean

The island economy has contributed four companies namely GML, Ireland Blyth Ltd, Air Mauritius and Food & Allied Group, to the top ten companies in the Indian Ocean region. In its 2014 special edition, business magazine L’Eco Austral has listed the “Top 500 of the Indian Ocean”, viewing the regional economy through the lens of the top performing companies across Reunion Island, Mauritius, Madagascar and Mayotte, with an analysis of

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