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Echange de billets de Rs 2000 : Des comptoirs dédiés à la MCB jusqu’à fin janvier 2019

Suite à l’annonce du retrait des coupures de Rs 2 000 pour faire place aux nouveaux billets en polymère, la MCB a mis en place des comptoirs spéciaux qui seront dédiés exclusivement à ce service. Ces comptoirs seront opérationnels jusqu’au 31 janvier 2019, date butoir pour le retrait de la circulation de ces billets. Dominic Provençal, Deputy Head of Retail, recommande aux clients de faire preuve de patience, que ce soit pour

Meade and Mauritius: Rendons à César…

The celebration of the fifty years of independence of Mauritius has provided an opportunity for the media to look back at what has been achieved from where we started.  This is a good initiative that will inform the younger generation about the path travelled. However, it is unfortunate that most “experts” are perpetuating a fallacy – “fake” news in today’s parlance – about Meade: namely that the Nobel prize winner

[Video] Mauritius could be a model if it builds on certain sectors, says Kaushik Basu

Infrastructure, connectivity, transport are some of the fields that Mauritius needs to consolidate if it wants to be a high income economy and a contender in the ICT sector, especially outsourcing, contends Kaushik Basu. The Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist of the World Bank was conveyed to a round table with representatives of Mauritian companies and public sector entities this 22nd July, at the Labourdonnais Hotel. “Mauritius doesn’t save and

[Economic ExpertSpeak] Bruneau Woomed: Companies must fully embrace corporate governance principles

Bruneau Woomed, trainer, life coach and entrepreneur, spoke to AfricaMoney on how the training landscape in Mauritius is becoming increasingly vibrant with “Build Your Business” programmes taking entrepreneurship to the next level. He also spoke about how companies must move from a “tick-box” approach towards corporate governance, to one that fully embraces the principles of corporate governance. What are the key achievements of Business Magic Ltd since inception? Business Magic Ltd

Mauritius produces more fish but less food in 2013

The agricultural sector in Mauritius took a hit in 2013, while fish production was on the upturn, according to data published by Statistics Mauritius. All agricultural sectors covering sugar cane production, tobacco production, tea production, food crop production, as well as livestock suffered a setback, showed the latest figures provided by the Agricultural Research and Extension Unit (AREU) and the Mauritius Meat Authority to Statistics Mauritius. Sugar cane production, once

National debt rises Rs 20 billion even as economy slows

Even as the Mauritian economy posted a lower GDP growth of 3.2% in 2013 compared to 3.4% achieved in 2012, the level of national debt has shown a worrying trend, growing by Rs 20 billion in 2013. Poised on the eve of the next Monetary Policy Committee meeting of the Bank of Mauritius and following on the heels of the economic review by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the latest

Mauritius tops non-extractive countries in Afrobarometer survey on transparency

Mauritius emerged with top honours among non-extractive industry countries on an Afrobarometer survey on transparent and accountable governance. Afrobarometer, which measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in Africa, recently surveyed 34 African countries on the topic of oil and mining, of which 22 countries count mineral or oil production as critical to economic development. The island economy also came third overall among both extractive and non-extractive countries with Botswana

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