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[Video] Ian Humphreys: “Eco-schools become a way of life”

Since the pilot project set up in Mauritius in 2015, the Eco-schools Programme has spread from the initial 28 schools to 117, Rodrigues island included. Ian Humphreys of the Foundation for Environmental Education, is in Mauritius as mentor to the project, which is overseen locally by the NGO Reef Conservation. Developed in 1994, the Eco-Schools programme targets young people by supporting them in finding solutions, at their level, to environmental

A call for true allegiance

“Loyalty to country ALWAYS. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.”  – Mark Twain In the midst of all the current political debates, upheavals, discussions and wars, the questions that came to me this morning were: How are we supposed to decide and choose which party to follow? Where does our true allegiance lie? Should it be with the political party whose beliefs you feel closest to? Or should it be with

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