Let’s find out which is the preferred smartphone brand for most world leaders. Our pick is Blackberry, which may surprise some, given its disappointing financial results, but it is by no means the end of the road for the Canadian phonemaker. Apple is also a religion which rules the sphere of those who rule policies across countries.

B for Blackberry and B for Barack…

Blackberry’s results may have a bitter taste but one should not be too quick to dig an early grave for the once vibrant brand which is still bringing a breath of fresh air to world leaders presently!

US President Barack Obama still holds it dear and so much so that when he was chosen to sit at the White House for the first time, he cried out to the media, “they’re going to pry it out of my hands”!

President Obama has been wandering around with a Blackberry in his pocket for a couple of years now. However, rumours suggest that the US Government is thinking of shifting to LG or Samsung! We bet Obama will not allow his cherished device to slip from his hands so easily, and neither will UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron who also owns a Blackberry.

…but Blackberry blends in beautifully with other letters as well!

If you think the Oscar’s selfie of Ellen DeGeneres is the most famous shot ever, you have not seen the one snapped by Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt with her BlackBerry Z10, along with Obama and Cameron during the memorial service of Nelson Mandela in 2013 (see photo)!

BlackBerry Z10 has hit German shores as well. Chancellor Angela Merkel is known to frequently shift between an encrypted BlackBerry Z10, when carrying out official duties, and a Nokia 6260 when attending to personal matters.

Putin went local with MTS-Glonass 945!

First of all, we forgive your ignorance of the unfamiliar brand! Russian MTS-Glonass 945 is Vladimir Putin’s current smartphone which is powered by Android. Two years ago, Russia’s President however confessed to the Kyiv Post that he did not have a mobile phone due to some kind of antagonism for the device, “If I did have a mobile [phone] it would keep ringing incessantly,” he said. Apparently, Cupid has done its job well… ahem!

Medvedev, Renzi and Hollande pledged allegiance to Apple’s products!

Back in 2010, Medvedev was even the first Russian citizen to own an iPhone 4 and maybe the first one to regret the passing away of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. “People like Steve Jobs change our world,” Medvedev wrote on his blog in 2011 following the death of Jobs. But his love for Apple products has not faded over the years.

Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi is also an ambassador of the brand. For a quick anecdote, he even had himself pictured in front of Apple’s headquarters and considers Jobs as “the Leonardo da Vinci of our time”! In France, President François Hollande’s addiction to his iPhone 5 is also a well-known story particularly since a couple of weeks with the Gayet affair in the background.

Meanwhile, while North Korea’s Kim Jun-un is suspected to use Taiwanese brand HTC, other world leaders including India’s Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Sing and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper have neither made their mind nor given their heart to a brand yet!

Source: New York Times, Kyiv Post, The Wall Street Journal