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Global virtual reality major, EON Reality Inc, has signed an agreement with the island’s State Investment Corporation and State Informatics Ltd to invest USD 13.1 million in an Interactive Digital Center in Mauritius to be operated through a new Mauritius-based company, EON Mauritius.

With a focus on Technical Vocational Training, this IDC will develop applications to fast-track employable students throughout Africa and disseminate these applications across the continent. Besides, the EON network in 55 countries and the existing IDC exchange program will also provide professional employment opportunities for Mauritius students globally.

EON Mauritius will work in close collaboration with University of Mauritius and other academic Institutions which will directly benefit from the faster knowledge transfer capabilities provided by Virtual Reality and interactive 3D thereby enhancing student employability.

EON Mauritius will also serve as the African headquarters of EON’s Learn for Life Program, where the program has been established to facilitate, through VR/AR solutions, the learning necessary for less developed communities to become more self-sufficient.

Projects from EON Mauritius will not only impact on regional companies’ bottom lines but also impact the quality of life of millions of African workers and youth.

EON Mauritius and EON’s customers are expected to create 250 new direct jobs and several thousands of indirect jobs within the next five years to satisfy the capacity building requirements needed to support the African roll-outs.

Composite image from EON press release

Composite Image: Middle, Meeting with Mauritius Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. The Hon. Arvin Boolell. University of Mauritius has agreed to provide EON Mauritius with office space and multimedia students that will be co-located in its new building at Ebene, see left.

“Today we’ve taken a significant step in realizing the potential of EON Reality’s VR/AR knowledge transfer solution in Africa,” said Dan Lejerskar, Chairman, EON Reality.

“Mauritius is the only international financial center with membership in all the major African regional organizations and is the location of choice for multinational corporations in Africa,” he added.

The IDC will support Mauritius’ strategy as the Knowledge Hub for Africa by positioning Mauritius as a key player of the African leader in the VR/3D industry, as well as make the island economy an African leader in edutainment, boasting the first 3-D Idome in the African continent followed by franchising throughout Africa.

“Mauritius, the gateway to Africa, with its highly educated workforce and its growing middle class population segment is the ideal place for EON to reach the entire continent of Africa,” he concluded.

The IDC will also help Mauritius to develop the first Interactive Aquarium and Virtual Sport experience in the African continent as unique tourist attractions that will boost the leisure industry.

“Our investment in the Mauritius IDC Hub is an important step in our African strategy,” said Managing Director of The State Investment Corporation, Iqbal Mallam-Hasham.

“As the gateway to Africa, Mauritius will help EON bring its world leading Augmented and Virtual Reality knowledge transfer tools to developing communities in Africa,” he added.

“The IDC Hub will help increase income per capita by accelerating knowledge transfer to communities across Africa. EON Mauritius will enable the continent to learn faster and hasten development of the workforce to address Africa’s pressing needs,” he concluded.

Finally, the IDC will also provide competitive advantages for Mauritius companies which will gain direct access to the latest VR technologies and transfer knowledge up to 12 times faster & improve quality assurance with up to 40%.

About EON Reality

EON Reality, Inc. is the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment. EON’s technology solutions enable all organizations to more effectively visually communicate, collaborate and accelerate knowledge transfer.

About The State Investment Corporation

The State Investment Corporation (SIC) was established in 1984 as the ‘investment arm’ of the Government of Mauritius,with the main objective of providing funds for the realisation of high-growth entrepreneurial ventures and assisting businesses to industry leadership position. The group has an asset worth of over MUR 8.2 billion (USD 273 million) presently.

About State Informatics Ltd

State Informatics Ltd (SIL) is a leading group in the provision of integrated IT solutions (including ERP, CRM, business intelligence and PMS solutions) in Mauritius, southeastern Africa and western Africa.

Caption: The IDC Hub in Mauritius will also serve as the African Headquarters for the EON Learn for Life program’s work with developing communities across Africa (Image: EON Reality)

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