The latest Bank of Mauritius survey showed that net foreign assets are estimated at Rs 122.1 billion as on February 06, 2015. These comprised claims on non-residents amounting to Rs 122.2 billion, less liabilities to non-residents amounting to Rs 174 million.

Domestic assets are disaggregated as Claims on Other Depository Corporations, Net Claims on Central Government, and Claims on Other Sectors.

Claims on Other Depository Corporations are estimated at Rs 2.2 billion while net claims on the central government  set at Rs -21.4  billion, with Rs 4.1 billion for claims on Central Government and deducing liabilities to Central Government of Rs 25.5 billion.

Claims on other sectors and monetary base amounted to Rs 206 million.

Concerning the monetary base, it comprised of Rs 28.5 billion for currency in circulation, Rs 38.9 billion for liabilities to Other Depository Corporations and liabilities to other sectors amounted to Rs 89 million.

In addition, securities other than shares included in broad money amounted to Rs 3.1 billion, deposits excluded from broad money amounted to Rs 58 million and Rs 1 million for securities other than shares excluded from broad money.

Central bank data also showed that shares and other equity – which is essentially equity capital and reserve complied by the bank consisting of equity, general and special reserves – was set at the level of Rs 17.4 billion.

The survey was released this Wednesday February 18, 2015.