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Mauritius’ poultry production company, Avripro Co Ltd,was proclaimed as the winner of the first edition of the National Inclusive Business Awardon December 12, 2014 at Intercontinental Hotel in Balaclava.

The award aimed at rewarding and giving recognition to those companies that have already taken the initiative to incorporate inclusive business principles into their corporate strategies.

The Ministry of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives organized this award to recognise efforts by large businesses to support SMEs.

The winner, Avipro Co. Ltd, was awarded a cash prize of Rs 100,000 and project assistance to the tune of Rs 500,000 from the Mauritius Business Growth Scheme.

A Special Jury Award of Rs 50,000 each, sponsored by Winners, was awarded to Chemlog Ltd and Plaspak Ltd for the second place, while the second runner-up, J & B Mechanical Engineering Ltd, received a shield.

Inclusive Business is an innovative approach, which aims at integrating SMEs into the value chain, be it in the field of marketing, operations, service, or procurement.

It is a mechanism whereby a large or medium sized enterprise outsources some of its core as well as non-core activities to smaller enterprises, thereby contributing to the democratisation of the economy through a vivid form of integration.

Some examples of inclusive business practices are: manufacture of components, semi-finished goods and CMT works supplied to large businesses; outsourcing of non-core activities such as procurement, logistics, human resources, ICT and transport; and training and capacity building.

About Avipro Co Ltd

Situated in Moka, Avipro Co Ltd marks the birth of the Food & Allied group in 1966. The company is a pioneer in the field of poultry production and seeks to help reduce the volume of imports in poultry feed through local production.

Today, Avipro Co Ltd covers all operations, from grand-parent stock through breeding, hatching, and broiler rearing,to processing, all under strict quality standards.

Source: Government of Mauritius


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