Facebook’s Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform in the world, according to global survey carried by GlobalWebIndex.

The social media pantheon

Facebook might be the largest social network but its sister company Instagram is gaining more and more ground as months progress. During the past six months, photo-sharing app has seen its active user base soared by 23%.

However, in terms of penetration rate, Instagram slides to fifth position well behind Facebook, YouTube, Google + and LinkedIn.

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Facebook and Google rule

The chart which has been made public is pretty telling. Facebook and Google rule the league with their social media platforms though the former is losing some of its steam in the face of stiff competition.  It should be highlighted that both Facebook and YouTube have seen a drop in the number of their active users.

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The rise of mobile

PCs and laptops have surrendered position of dominance to mobile. Among the 170,000 interviewees spread across 32 countries, 66% claim that they access social media platforms through their mobile handsets. As for tablets, they are mostly employed to retrieve microblogging services.


Though the West is considered as the epicenter of technological advancements, a closer look at the chart points to the increasing social media penetration in the Asia Pacific region. China is excluded in the survey since some sites are banned while a few home-made platforms like Sina Weibo outstrip western social networks!

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Source: Techcrunch

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