This secondary school prides itself in being at the forefront of innovative tools in education. No wonder: since 2009, Sir Abdool Razack Mohamed State Secondary School has been integrating ICT tools for smoother running of its administration but also in its teaching and learning environment. All with the help of Microsoft, of which it is the only Showcase School in the Indian Ocean. Teachers and students alike are taken on board, as some of them and the school rector explained during a presentation on the role of the school in “Leading and embracing the transformation in education” held at the school venue, in Port Louis, on March 1st, in the presence of the Minister of Education and Paul Bunting, General Manager for Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands & French Pacific.

Communication and exchange of information is facilitated through Office tools such as Yammer and OneDrive on the Office 365 platform and teaching staff is actively encouraged to develop pedagogical content online.

The school has now moved one step further, with students learning to code during their activity classes, so as not to disrupt the usual set curricula. The same students are coaching other fellow students during what the school rector terms as the “Hour of Code”. They will soon, adds Rajiv Kumar Aukhojee, be tutoring teachers too.

The example of the Sir A. R. Mohamed SSS, says the minister Leela Devi Dookun, gives her “a lot of hope that we’ll very soon manage to get more schools involved in such endeavours”. This experience, she posits, can be pushed further with the “sharing of best practices”.

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