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The plan for ‘Making of a smart Mauritius’ was outlined in March. Almost three months later, the Nishith Desai Associates (NDA) law firm sends delegates to Mauritius. Their mission: take stock of the country’s needs and priorities so as to help the island nation set up its National Innovation Framework.

Vaibhav Parikh and Milind Mudankar both arrived today, June 1st, on a 3-day mission which started with a visit to Pravind Jugnauth, minister of Information, Technology and Innovation. Both men plan to meet with various stkaeholders, including representatives from the university. “Innovation starts from the university,” stated Vaibhav Parikh, Partner-in-charge of NSA’s Bangalore office. The Mumbai-based multinational law firm also has offices in Singapore and the Silicon Valley.

Referring to the success of the Californian start-up and technology center, home to some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, Vaibhav Parkhav explains that “most graduates” working there “are from Stanford or Berkeley” universities. Noting that Silicon Valley is “smaller than Mauritius yet it has become bigger than any other city in the US”.

Regarding Mauritius’ projects of smart cities and promotion of innovation, Vaibhav Parkhav suggests to view them from the “growth opportunity” perspective they represent. Without, however, neglecting important issues, such as questions of security, privacy or data protection.

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