The chairman of Oxford International Group is a “friend of Mauritius” but also a fierce critic of its politics and economy. During an interview with ION News, he explains why the recent economic performance of the country is actually a “failure”.

Percy Mistry argues that this is partly due to a “plantation mentality” still rife at the top level in the private sector. But our style of government and politics is not exempt from blame, asserts the financial expert. The politics of division in “Bihari style” have considerably undermined the country’s capacity to double its economic performance, according to the chairman of Oxford International, namely by impeding a real openness policy.

The financial expert candidly admits that the Mauritian electorate did a good thing by booting Navin Ramgoolam out of power in December. Yet Mistry doesn’t nurture high hopes regarding the Sir Anerood Jugnauth government which he sees as a “25-year old” and “retreaded” team. Mistry, however, does believe in the capacity of Mauritians to embrace change and embark on a new development path.

Percy Mistry, founder of Oxford International Mauritius with former director of Export Processing Zones Development Authority and National Productivity and Competitiveness Council Nikhil Treebhoohun, is organising a seminar this Friday on the theme: ‘Mauritius at another inflection point: Earning a living in an uncertain world’.

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