The 3rd Africa Congress of Accountants kicked off this afternoon at the Swami Vivekananda International Conference Centre. This convention, claims minister of Tourism Xavier Duval, takes place “at a very crucial time”, given the “number of financial scandals happening at the moment in Mauritius”. And provides the accounting community with an opportunity to reflect on the “accuracy, fairness and timeliness of corporate reporting”.

In his address, Xavier Duval also highlighted the opportunities for Mauritius in Africa and those our island nation may hold for the continent. With Mauritius acting as a “hub” for business with China but also India and the USA.

Olivia Kirtley, president of the International Federation of Accountants, and Renaud Seligmann from the World Bank both noted that Africa is rising. But that there is still much to be done to alleviate, even erase poverty. And that accountants have a role to play.

More than 800 participants, hailing from the continent and Mauritius but also from Spain, Reunion Island and Kosovo, among others, are attending the 3-day convention.

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