The insightful research paper issued annually by Consumers Report is out and it holds one promise: the TV market will be explosive this year. All the big brands will upgrade their products to suit your modern TV room.

Let’s do a quick roundup of the top forthcoming trends.


UHD TVs will flood the market

Sony 4K UHD




They are not new, but Ultra-High Definition (UHD) TVs will be in the spotlight this year. Previously, the modern TV was thrown on the market as a standard one-size-fits-all model with multiple features embedded in it, but brands are now expected to come up with a wide range of models for every budget. Also, spurring affordability, a DisplaySearch report estimates that the cost of UHD TVs would dive by as much as 40%. To put things in perspective, an entry-level 55-inch set initially at $3000 will cost $2000 (Rs62 0000 and over, exclusive of shipment prices).

Seen at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year was Sony’s new UHD Bravia, with nearly four times the resolutions of a full HD TV.

TVs will get a few more inches

LG 105 inch



Both Samsung and LG showcased their 105 inch TV set at CES 2014. According to Consumer Reports’ projection, UHD TV sizes should vary between 50 and 100 inches. However, further granular details on consumer behavior show that sales will go meteoric only in the 55-and-65-inch category.

Screens will curve

Samsung curved OLED




“UHD is the future but curve screens remain the focus,” a Samsung executive claimed at CES. Unlike the traditional screen, the curved one has demonstrated its ability to provide the best viewing angle no matter where the viewers are sitting. But, currently, the new technology is pricey even for mature markets.

4K resolution will be powered by appropriate content


Purchasing a UHD TV does not make sense if adequate content is not available. In 2013, Sony was the sole heavyweight TV manufacturer to offer 4K (for the 4,000 pixels in the screen measured horizontally) content, twice the content requirements for an HDTV, which ends at 2K resolution. Interestingly, this year 4K movies should fare up thanks to improved video compression technology known as H.265 or HEVC and increased partnership within and across industries. Through HS Kim, the executive vice president of displays, Samsung announced that the company is working hand in hand with content producers in Hollywood. Whether Blu-Ray Disc Association will be able to roll out UHD discs however remains a big question. Meanwhile, it’s time to make space in your TV room!

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