Google did not head into the SXSW show empty handed. Sundar Pichai, Google Chrome and Android Senior Vice President, announced that Chromecast will expand outside the US anytime soon.

Google’s streaming dongle is making significant inroads in the daily lives of people. Sales have experienced a stellar rise within a few months alone – “We are in the millions now, and it’s growing very actively,” Pichai said, addressing the crowd which had gathered for his keynote address at Austin. However, the Google executive did not drop any more crumbs for eager tech fans regarding details of the launches.

He remained tight-lipped on the exact sales performance in the US and on the countries where Chromecast will make its awaited debut in forthcoming weeks. Rumours however suggest that heavyweight markets like the UK and Australia are in the loop.

Presently sold at $35 on the US market, Chromecast is a relatively cheap HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) dongle that enables media streaming and access to content from Netflix and Google.

For the uninitiated, after being plugged in an HDTV, the two-inch dongle then establishes a Wi-Fi connection with the device (smartphone, laptop or tablet) from where content is being viewed and managed. The chosen content can then be pushed on your TV with merely the press of a button!

For a quick introduction, watch Google’s “Chromecast: For Bigger Fun”

The SXSW Trade Show started yesterday, Sunday 9th March in Austin, Texas, and will run through till this Wednesday. It “celebrates the organizations that define the ever-evolving relationship between media, technology, creators and consumers”.

Source: Techradar, Google,

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