The main index of the official market, the SEMDEX, lost 0.85% over the five months, plunging from 2,095.69 points at start of trade on January 1 to 2,077.87 points at close of trade on Friday, 30 May 2014.

The total return index of the market, SEMTRI, fell by a marginal 0.02%, closing the session at 6,672.68 points.

Market capitalization stood at Rs 224.4 billion at the same date, an increase of 5.41% compared to its level at the beginning of the year. The market cap was boosted by the listing of CIEL Ltd on the official market in February.

The Stock Exchange of Mauritius (SEM) witnessed transactions worth Rs 6.5 billion from January to May 2014, with transactions of Rs 1.5 billion entered in May alone.

According to the statement by the SEM, a majority of these transactions worth Rs 6.1 billion were conducted in the official market. In May 2014 alone, approximately 412 million shares changed hands for an amount of Rs 1.4 billion.

The highest transactions since the beginning of the year were recorded in March, worth nearly Rs 1.6 billion.

On the secondary market, the Development and Enterprise Market (DEM), sales for the first five months of the year hit Rs 383.1 million for a volume of 24.2 million shares traded.

Last month, the DEM recorded transactions of Rs 65.7 million with most of the trading seen in January (Rs 119.6 million) and March (Rs 105.8 million).

On the DEM, capitalization at May-end was around Rs 44.5 billion. The market index was approximately 178 points, representing a 5 point gain since the beginning of the year.

SEM also ranked the best performers based on the annualized total return since their IPO.

CIM Financial Services emerged on top with an annualized total return of 30.56%, followed by the Mauritius Commercial Bank (24.01%), ENL Land (21.36%), Gamma Civic (21.29%), Vivo Energy Mauritius (20.62%), Oil Refineries Mauritius (20.10%), Mauritius Union Assurance Co (19.94%), The Mauritius Development Investment Trust Co (19.85%), State Bank of Mauritius (19.45%) and Rogers & Co (19.31%).

In addition, the SEM confirmed the admission of the 340 million shares of Lottotech on the official market on June 11 and its approval for the allotment criteria for allocating some 85 million shares, representing 25% stake in the company to the public under its offer of sale, which was oversubscribed 2.99 times.

On weekly results, the SEMDEX gained 0.3% to 2,077.87 points and the SEM-7 lost 0.1% to 405.98 points for the week ended 30 May 14.

Turnover was Rs 425.1 million, geared towards MCB, CIEL and SBM, which altogether occupied 71.3% of total market turnover (TMT).

Foreign investors remained net buyers this week to the tune of Rs 129.8 million.

The top three performers of the week were all from the investment sector; CIEL Limited which went up by 7.2% to Rs 6.86, Caudan which gained 3.6% to Rs 1.14, rounded up by the Mauritius Development Investment Trust (MDIT), which rose by 2.9% to Rs 5.62.

However, the weakest performer during the week was also an investment company, National Investment Trust (NIT), which lost 2.4% to close at Rs 43.50 on 5.2k shares traded.

Meanwhile, the DEMEX gained 0.7% to finish at 177.94 points with overall market turnover of Rs 17.8 million. A whopping 73.3% of TMT was accounted by CIEL Textile, which reached a new record high of Rs 32.10 (+4.9%), with 417.8k shares exchanged.

Finally, the top gainers on the DEM counter were Societe De Developpement Industriel & Agricole Ltee (SODIA) with an increase of 7.1%, Constance Hotels with 5.3% and Tropical Paradise Co Ltd (TPL) +5.1%.

Image ( Market capitalization stood at Rs 224.4 billion on 30 May 14, up 5.41% compared to its level at the beginning of the year, boosted by the listing of CIEL Ltd on the official market in February.

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