The rumor mills continue to churn. This time, the grapevine says that Apple will finally roll out the long-awaited iWatch along with its new iPhone 6 in September 2014.  In the wider world of tech talk, rumors that LG will be the exclusive partner and manufacturer of the OLED screen which is to be embedded in the smartwatch, is also growing louder.

Curved screen

If things turn out to be true like the Korean news site Ddaily is claiming, LG should use the same technology it employed for LG G Flex, to create Apple’s smartwatch.  This would mean, in turn, that the iWatch will have a curved display measuring 1.52-inches.

Take it lightly

Ddaily reported that LG will start mass production as from the second half of 2014 until it manufactures 2 million units.

However the ‘exclusive information’ should be taken lightly. Soon after it published the news, Ddaily removed the article. Further, it is not the first time that rumors about the iWatch have grabbed headlines. Until now the world has not seen even an inch of the most anticipated smartwatch.

So, what do you think? Is Apple’s iWatch a science-fiction fad or near future release?

Source: ibitimes

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