Ravneet Chowdhury officially took office as the new CEO of Bank One on January 1st. He will be assisted by CP Balachandran.

Bank One is aiming at providing its services in Africa and is relying on CEO Ravneet Chowdhury’s long and rich experience in the banking field in African countries to attain this goal. Bank One wishes to reinforce its relations with other countries especially with India and Africa. “We will strenghen our capacities in Trade Finance and will use to their fullest our platform of Wealth Management and Private Banking in Mauritius to attract clients from Africa,” says CEO Ravneet Chowdhury.

The new CEO says Bank One intends on taking full advantage of latest technologies, namely in e-banking to revisit services in trade finance and boost treasury. He believes that this strategy will increase customer satisfaction and hopefully win Bank One additional market shares in Mauritius.

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