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After suffering the traumatic experience of being annihilated at the last general elections, one would have thought that after licking its wounds, the MMM was over the worse. Definitely not, not even in your wildest dreams. Mind, it is not surprising because over the years, the MMM has become adept at shooting itself in the foot, so this was no exception. I am not sure how many times I have heard one prominent member say: “La sérénité est retounée au MMM”, the current situation is far from it. If ever there was an overused expression, this is it.

Despite all the reassuring and well meaning expressions, everyone knows that the atmosphere among the militants is more like a dormant volcano which is likely to erupt at any time. So, forget the serene atmosphere and in its place substitute simmering atmosphere. I have now come to the conclusion that the top brass in the MMM never have and probably never will learn from their past howlers and will continue to apportion the blame to any calamity that befalls the party to any Tom, Dick or Harry instead of their own misjudgement and miscalculation. Their blind faith in their own leadership can only compound an already explosive situation

In my last article, I humbly suggested that the party should keep PB at the helm temporarily pending an in-depth reorganization. I also intimated that it was a good time to get rid of some dead wood. Instead, what has been done is only some cosmetic surgery. The same pack of cards has been shuffled and redistributed, more like a political musical chair than a meaningful exercise to get the party back on tracks. Now, the haemorrhage has begun with some of the elected members of parliament leaving the ship (will it be the Titanic all over again?) and might continue unless someone take up the cudgel and get the others to rally round and fight the battle from within.

Losing a few members could be called a misfortune but losing many more could prove to be the death knell of the MMM. Mind, I feel that those who have left should have stayed, be more forceful and fight their corner but they chose the easy option. I can’t help asking myself why they did not leave prior to the last general elections. Obviously, they saw the alliance with the labour party as a winning formula and probably could already visualize themselves in high office. Now, when the chips are down, they think that the grass is greener elsewhere.

In the midst of the MMM, there are more than enough capable candidates who can aspire to be the next leader. No doubt, the inner circle will claim to have brought new blood to kick start the new MMM in shape but the old guard is still around and that can only mean the status quo is being maintained. If and when they will start to realise and accept that they lost the last general elections by their own ineptitude and miscalculations instead of the alliance lepep winning it by devising a cunning blueprint. Unfortunately, they have decided to continue to bury their heads in the sand and refuse to show any genuine contrition.

In the meantime, L’Alliance Lepep firmly anchored in power will continue to build their power base which may have been flimsy once but now going from strength to strength. By the time the MMM wakes up and reacts, the other political parties will be a long way round the corner and perhaps even out of sight. Is it going to be a sad end to what was once a proud organization or will they survive to fight again? The answer depends on how long they take before they decide to take the bull by its horns and fight back.

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