To celebrate World Intellectual Property Day, which falls on April 26th, Microsoft launched a campaign, covering the Indian Ocean Islands and the French Pacific, to disseminate and popularize the concept of intellectual property.

The theme chosen by the World Intellectual Property Organization for 2014 being ‘Movies – A Global Passion’, Microsoft and famed Mauritian bluesman Eric Triton joined hands to defend a common cause – intellectual property rights – through a movie-testimony produced by JNM Videos.

The video (see below), released last Friday on April 25, 2014, entitled Respectez l’âme de l’artiste (‘Respect the soul of the artist’) is now available and on the Facebook page of Microsoft Indian Ocean Islands.

Also, Microsoft organized a round table discussion of famous personalities from Mauritius, hailing from entrepreneurship, education and creative arts backgrounds, to mark the occasion.

“The aim of the round table is to enlighten people on intellectual property rights and the legislation surrounding it,” said Vincent Bourelly, Channel Sales Lead, Microsoft Indian Ocean and Pacific Francophone islands.

The round table concluded on the note that respect for intellectual property rights helps establish a conducive environment for safeguarding intellectual property. This, in turn, is essential to stimulate innovation, as artists are guaranteed exclusive rights over their creation.

Meanwhile, on a global front, Microsoft Corporation announced the completion of its acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services business. The completion of the acquisition marks an important step in bringing these two organizations together as one team.

The acquisition was approved by the shareholders of Nokia and by regulatory bodies across countries.

Stephen Elop, former Nokia President and CEO, will serve as executive vice president of Microsoft’s Devices Group, reporting to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. Elop will lead an expanded team made up of Xbox, Xbox Live, Microsoft Studios, Microsoft Hardware, Surface and Nokia Devices and Services.

Microsoft’s aim is to penetrate the market of affordable mobile devices, which generates an annual opportunity of $50 billion. Thus, with the Windows Phone, Microsoft is proposing a new mobile experience to a billion individuals while introducing the services of Microsoft to new customers.

With this acquisition, Microsoft also welcomes a staff having a big experience in the industry, notably more than 130 sites in 50 countries of the world, which create, develop, make and sell a wide range of innovative devices, mobile phones and services.

“Today, we welcome the Nokia Devices and Services business within our family. The mobile features and the assets of the brand will take our transformation forward,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. “Together with our partners, we shall continue to innovate even faster in a world based on our Cloud services and mobile devices,” he further added.

Furthermore, within the framework of this deal, Microsoft will continue to deliver new value and opportunity, and work closely with a wide range of hardware partners, developers, operators, distributors and retailers, providing platforms, tools, applications and services that enable them to make exceptional devices.

With a deeper understanding of hardware and software working as one, the company will strengthen and grow demand for Windows devices overall.

Image (AfricaMoney): Microsoft of Indian Ocean and Pacific Francophone islands organized a round table discussion of famous personalities from Mauritius, hailing from entrepreneurship, education and creative arts backgrounds, to mark the occasion.

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