Enterprise Mauritius is organising the second edition of the Mauritius Rum Festival on April 3 and 4, 2014 in London, UK.

The rum industry has emerged as one of the pillars of growth for sugar producers in Mauritius, which is now producing both traditional and agricultural rums, well poised to compete on the international front.

Mauritius offers a tropical climate and volcanic soil that is best suited for high-grade sugarcane, while local distilleries guarantee that only the best ingredients are used in Mauritian Rum.

Also, with the abolition of the sugar quota by the EU set for 2017, diversification of sugar producers into manufacturing of rum offers them a new window of opportunity that can guarantee them stable, if not higher, profitability.

The main exports markets for Mauritian rum in 2012 were the Netherlands (32.2%), the UK (21.5%) and the USA (10.2%). In line with the thrust of Mauritian exports, the second highest destination market of UK has been chosen as the venue for the second edition of the Mauritius Rum Festival.

It may be noted that the first edition of the Rum Festival that was held last year in Mauritius from 23 to 24 August at the Sugar Beach Hotel in Flic en Flac was a resounding success.

For the second edition of the event, 10 companies will showcase their savoir-faire and premium quality rums, namely Blue Liquors, Oxenham, Grays, Rhumerie de Chamarel, Rhumerie des Mascareignes, Saint Aubin, Stirling Export House, Sun Air Sea Distribution, Indian Ocean Rum and Les Colinieres.

A Rum Fair will be held on the first day of the event where industry figures, press and politicians will listen to presentations from sector experts, such as Robert Burr, world traveler, writer and publisher of the Rob’s Rum Guide.

They will also get the opportunity to partake in blind tasting competitions and master classes run by the Founder of the Rum Experience and UK RumFest Ian Burrell, who was the guest of honor at the first Rum festival.

An exhibition of local rum manufacturers will also be held with a cocktail dinner and award presentation for Best Bartender and Best Rum set to take place in the evening.

The second day will see the festival doors thrown open to members of the public, and both tourists and locals will be invited to the Rum Fiesta where local manufacturers will again have the opportunity to showcase their products.

Visitors will also get the opportunity to attend a lecture and cocktail demonstration by Burrell.

Finally, alongside this event, Enterprise Mauritius will hold the Mauritius Fashion Fiesta, which will serve as platform for Mauritian textile, garments, accessories and jewellery makers to showcase their products. British and European buyers are expected to attend, with some 30 Mauritians companies exhibiting their products.

Image (Enterprise Mauritius): The rum industry has emerged as one of the pillars of growth for sugar producers in Mauritius and is now producing premium rums that are well poised to compete on the international front.

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