Mauritius is poised to play host to the CPA Associates International (CPAAI) conference for the Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions this week.

‘Challenges Facing the Accounting Profession’ is this year’s theme for the annual event, scheduled to take place from 12 to 15 June, 2014 at the Long Beach Hotel, Belle-Mare.

The conference, which will accommodate about sixty members, will have as guest speaker Pamela Young, a globally experienced executive and consultant who is known for her visionary and strategic thinking, change-agent capability and extensive knowledge of how cultures operate.

Moreover, several Mauritian personalities in the domain will also participate, including Clairette Ah-Hen, CEO of the Financial Services Commission; Afsar Ebrahim, Deputy Manager Partner, BDO; Sanjeev Manrakhan, Managing Partner of Anglo African Enterprises; and Dev Chamroo, CEO, Enterprise Mauritius.

The conference will give the members the opportunity to discuss the various changes arising not only in their domain but also in the fields of investment, tax and finance.

“Accounting in the business world, the tax system and for international drafts has now taken on a new dimension, implying that experts and professionals must give more attention to their customers,” said Virrsing Ramdeny, member of the CPAAI and an organizer of the CPAAI conference in Mauritius.

“This annual conference of the CPAAI is important in view of the economic crisis that several countries have faced the brunt of. There are not only lesson to be learnt from such financial disruptions, but also opportunities which are offered to us,” he said

Furthermore, he added that the speakers will share their knowledge on the fiscal aspects of the investments in their countries, opportunities which are present in the different regions and the challenges that professional accountants would have to face.

CPA Associates International is an association of independent Certified Public Accounts (CPA) and Chartered Accounting firms that provide clients with professional accounting, auditing, tax and a variety of consulting services.

The organization boasts 151 members in 64 countries across the world, where each member draws on the services of the Association and resources of fellow members to better serve their clients and manage their firms.

Image (CPAAI): Pamela Young, a globally experienced executive and consultant who is known for her visionary and strategic thinking, will be a guest speaker at the conference, scheduled to take place from 12 to 15 June, 2014 at the Long Beach Hotel, Belle-Mare.

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