Singapore never fails as the Asia Pacific island nation usually foresees challenges that can happen up to a decade, according to Jim Seetaram, Mauritius’ minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives.
The Asian economy devises meticulous strategies and sets strategies with a very dynamic mindset, added the minister.
At his opening speech during a roundtable on entrepreneurship, the minister said that, given the context of globalization and aggressive competition, entrepreneurs who are starting a new business must make sure that their products are ready to export and satisfy international norms.
He noted that the roundtable discussion forced all stakeholders to rethink, come up with new strategies to reorganize institutions and bring about changes in the way of thinking with regard to time and new challenges.
As many as 30 institutions providing financial and non-financial services to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) were present at the discussion which focused on the future of entrepreneurship in Mauritius.
Held at La Cannelle in Domaine Les Pailles, the event was organized on January 16 at the initiative of the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority.
All participants took part in a brainstorming session to find out ways in which Mauritius can be served better with common resources being put together for common interests.
And, there were plenty of opportunities for participants of this one-day workshop to make their point, as the roundtable was held in an informal and interactive manner.
The founder and CEO of MyCirrus Group of companies in Singapore, Dr Naidu Gobaind, and Singapore-based strategist Mr Jovin Hurry were the resource persons present at the roundtable discussions.
This workshop acted as a tool to analyse changing needs of entrepreneurs and building up of local and international networks.An important insight of the roundtable was that more institutional visibility must be given to entrepreneurs, particularly young, proactive and emerging ones.
Photo (via Sarkari Mirror): The Asian economy devises meticulous strategies and sets strategies with a very dynamic mindset, noted Jim Seetaram, Mauritius’ Minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives.

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