The Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd (BPML) has embarked on a new project to construct an industrial park at Solitude, targeted at enterprises operating in the civil engineering space.

The construction works will begin in six months for the business park to be operational by the start of next year.

After Ébène and Rose-Belle, it is now Solitude’s turn to have an industrial park set up by the BPML on three-acre land (around 130,680 square feet) which belong to the government and was given to BPML last year.

BPML will construct a building of one or two levels across a surface area of 40,000 or 50,000 square-feet to house these companies.

According to the Executive Chairman of BPML, Dharam Naugah, the main objective of this project is to boost the export of civil engineering goods while also creating jobs for people living in the locality.

Both local and foreign enterprises operating in civil engineering, and producing mechanical parts in particular, come under the purview of this newly undertaken project.

Recently, the Office of Public Sector Governance (OPSG) has agreed with the European Union that it will restructure 11 parastatals during the period 2012 to 2014, and BPML’s reform has already been undertaken.

Together with the assistance of the OPSG, BPML has developed a new business plan with the aim of generating at least five per cent return on BPML group’s investment, as requested by the government from all State Owned Enterprises.

Meanwhile, BPML’s Rose-Belle project will start in March. The park at Rose-Belle will be for the purpose of manufacturing parts and equipments for the aero-naval, medical and pharmaceutical industry.

To identify interested companies, BPML had released a public appeal. Naugah said that the short-list of companies will be known in the next few weeks.

BPML is a government owned ‘Infrastructure Development’ company which was incorporated in March 2001 to lead the development of ‘intelligent buildings’ in Mauritius. Through the BPML, the government has a vision to transform the island economy into an innovation-driven and knowledge-based economy.

It consists of three subsidiary companies: Cyber Properties Investment Ltd, Informatics Park Ltd and BPML Freeport Services Ltd.

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