So Jason Holder, how are you? What are the latest news?
I’m currently riding in South Australia in my home state, sitting 2nd on the championship table with 40 wins and my family is really well.
What is your best memory in Mauritius so far?
Being a part of Mr Serge Henry’s 600 winning was my best memory in Mauritius so far, to be a part of his success was awesome. It was a great day and I was proud of myself to have got that win for the stable and his owners.
And outside Mauritius?
My best memory worldwide would be that I have been to many places around the world and at each racing venue I’ve had success. Riding a winner in Hong Kong was a great feeling.
Can you tell us a bit about your career?
My career worldwide has been a great experience. II would recommend more jockeys to do it if they could. Macau 2004 was a highlight because I was only 25 years old and although I rode over 62 wins, it was the riding experience that I needed.
Hong Kong 2006 was an amazing challenge for me: you have to find the good rides straight away as many riders have already been booked. I was there for only three months as the racing period stopped.
Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Hong Kong, Queensland, Mauritius, Melbourne, Adelaide have all been good to me.
What’s your worst racing experience?
Racing always has its highs and lows but I’ve never had a bad experience, only frustrated comes to mind.
If you were a horse, what horse would it be?
I would defiantly hate being a colt and getting gelded, haha. I would like to think I would be a good horse getting well looked after.
What’s the best horse you’ve ridden so far?
Seattle Ice he was my favourite horse in Mauritius. Gold Guru, an Adelaide horse, he was special.
If you had an advice for race goers, what would it be?
If you’re going to enjoy a day at the races, do your own form and enjoy the day. My mum goes on colours and names of horses or jockeys and she has luck in doing so.
My gambling advice would be: know when to stop. Don’t go over the top.
What are your plans for the future?
It’s a privilege to ride, it’s not a roll, so I’m going to keep doing my best for my future and keep trying as a jockey to put smiles on owners’ and trainers’ faces.
Jason Holder

Photo: Top jockey Jason Holder actually stands second in his jockey championship in Australia. He can be contacted via this email: [email protected]

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