Tomorrow, as the Barclays Premier League season rumbles to a finish, all eyes will be riveted to the games opposing Manchester City to West Ham and of course, Liverpool to Newcastle.
With a beautiful victory of 4-0 over Aston Villa at the Etihad on Wednesday, Pellegrini’s men have strengthened their grasp on the League title. They are now at the top of the table and two points ahead of LFC. And of course, important point here: the goal difference between the two top contenders is 13. (For those who don’t get it, I’ll tell you why it’s important later.) So, Manchester City are strong faves to win the trophy as they only require a draw to ensure a second title in three seasons – whatever Liverpool do against Newcastle United at Anfield! And striker Sergio Agüero being back in contention at the Etihad Stadium means that Pellegrini has a fully-fit squad available.
On the other hand, Liverpool let a three goal lead over Crystal Palace slip to a 3-3 draw. Seems like they’re always letting things slip, heh? 😉 Optimistic fans, wishing that Liverpool will pick themselves off the floor after Crystal Palace, would argue that LFC can still win the Premier League; and yes it can happen.
Let’s look at the possible scenarii that could ensure Rodgers’ guys their first league title in 24 years:
1. Manchester City loses against West Ham and Liverpool wins against Newcastle.. Then LFC would put an end to their 24 years “no-epl-trophy” spell and Gerrard would finally kiss the trophy instead of the camera!
2.Manchester City draws against West Ham and Liverpool manages to win against Newcastle. 15-0 😀 WHAT? I said we’d consider all the possible scenarii.
The other outcomes of tomorrow’s fixtures are:
1. Both Liverpool and Manchester City lose their respective games and MCFC is crowned Champions of England.
2. Liverpool wins his game and MCFC draws and the latter is still crowned Champions on goal average. (See, that’s where GD is important).
However guys, don’t be too quick on assuming that Liverpool have probably resigned to not winning the title. In a season where there has been a whole host of surprising results, victory is by no means assured!
Whichever team you support, tomorrow will be an epic final to the BPL. Will the EPL trophy go back to Manchester or will LFC finally put an end to their 24 years wait? Answers tomorrow people. And let’s, as usual, end with your preds. Mine is LFC 1- Newcastle 1 and Manchester City 2- West Ham 0.

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