Politics in Mauritius is like a comedy of errors, even funnier than the one penned by William Shakespeare. The pronouncements of some of the political leaders can be hilarious, bordering on the absurd. Lately, a few of them have actually surpassed themselves in trying to make an impact on the political scene by making far-fetched statements, practically delusional at times.

I do not need to name them because they will recognise themselves by what they have been saying lately, statements totally absurd because they have done so without engaging their brains in gear. First one in line is the party which usually has ideas above its station. Last year, the leader saw himself as a Prime minister in waiting and his lieutenants just echoed this far-fetched declaration. They actually thought that they were going to fight the next general elections on their own or as the locomotive of some alliance. This statement must take the biscuit in terms of parody. This ludicrous and unrealistic belief was soon out to bed once the by-election was over, a resounding defeat with the loss of the statutory monetary deposit.

Imagine that constituency is seen as a stronghold for the leader and the party, I wonder how they would fare in other less favourable constituencies to them.  They are what they are, a party that needs to be an appendage to any other political party with more clout.

Now, to their latest witty instalment, they plan to have one candidate in each constituency. What they want and what they can get are two totally different things. They do not have enough bargaining power to state what they want. They will get what they are given and be contented with. It is about time that they become sensible and realise that they have to live within the sphere of influence that they exert. They were known to be the five cents that made up the rupee of any alliance. I am not sure if they are still worth the 5 cents, certainly on the slide.

Next on the agenda, is a party that was formed following the defeat of the alliance that could not lose the last general elections. This new party was formed by a number of defectors. Some, strangely enough, have defected again, one has even done a 360 degrees turn to come back to the party that he originally quit, I wonder what has changed for him to go full circle, certainly a question the voters will have to ask him at the next general elections. What a start for this recently founded political party, already struggling and now the leaders are claiming that they will be part of the next government. Do they have any ideologies or are they prepared to join any other party even if the beliefs of that particular party are contrary to theirs as long as they are part of any future government of whatever colour?

If the party mentioned in the first paragraph was worth 5 cents or less and had little clout, I will let you decide what this one is worth and how much it can influence any major decisions prior or after any general elections. If only they were more down-to-earth and realise that they will get only crumbs from any major political partner if ever an alliance became feasible. No doubt then, the crumbs, will go to the leaders.

Then, there is that party which was claiming victory at the last by-elections even before the race was off, it got what it is really worth at the finishing tape, its candidate got nowhere despite all the ballyhoo. Strangely, the leaders are also claiming that they will be part of the next government. I wonder how, because they consider the three main parties as anathema and contrary to anything they believe in.

The parties on the far left remain as divided as ever because perhaps each of the leaders sees himself as the kingpin. The celebrations of May Day were a case in point, disunited instead of uniting their forces. Too many inflated egos, food for thought.

Next time, I will try to analyse the other three main parties. Until then, as the saying goes in creole: “Manz pistas, get sinema”.

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