She leapt out of the pages of Paradise Lost into our very own Eden. Eve Isambourg is without a doubt the model of the moment, gracing the covers of a couple of magazines in the past few months alone. She is a stylist and photographer’s dream, with perfect measurements, a delicate, beyond beautiful face, and did I mention that she’s already 1m75 at only 15 years old?

I have exclusive pictures from her latest shoot with Khatleen Minerve that I absolutely want to share with you, for their purity and brilliant composition.


A general, local truth: Many people have forgotten how (or are simply unable) to capture the essence of a person, instead preferring to transform them into a blank canvas that they work on. For sure, in fashion shoots you typically want somebody who will transform – but the most memorable shots are those where the person, before the model, stands out. Think of Dovima and the Elephants, or any famous picture of Kate Moss. This is exactly what Khatleen has managed to do here: extricate the soul. What I particularly love is how she kept Eve in her young, adolescent state. That youthful glow (that in our later years we use cream to desperately try to regain) is present in each shot, and so is this ebullient atmospheric freshness.



The necklace she wears? It’s from Belle&Toile, a brand that fuses bohemian chicness, fresh island living and French good taste. The designer? No other than her mother, Catherine Isambourg. Her “Panier Zippé Star” (Zipped bag with Star motif) earns me compliments on each outing, the perfect bag for instant Charlotte Gainsbourg chic.



Nothing looks better on a tan than white.




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