Engen Petroleum has expanded its bunker supply operations at Mauritius’ capital, Port Louis, the supplier has stated.

Petroleum bunkering essentially refers to the process of supplying a ship with petrol fuel. With the island economy poised to become a petroleum hub, expanding bunker supply operations is critical to fuelling its growing ambitions.

An Engen spokesperson revealed that the energy company has been supplying marine gas oil (MGO) for more than 20 years  and added that, as from January 2014, the company has also been selling 180 cSt bunkers for marine fuel oil (MFO).

Besides the increase in supply operations, the supplier has also expanded its delivery options, with bunkers now being provided by pipeline as well as barge.

Engen Petroleum said it has a 1,000 metric tonne (mt) capacity barge with 550 mt and 450 mt capacities for MGO and MFO respectively, and storage facilities that include a 5,000 mt tank for MFO, and a 7,000 mt tank for MGO.

Mauritius, which sources most of its product from Mangalore, India, currently does not sell 380 cSt bunkers.

However, the supplier sees that changing and commented that, by the middle of this year, the island economy may start seeing trade in the larger bunkers as well.


Source: Ship & Bunker News


Engen Petroleum

Engen is an Africa-based energy company focusing on the downstream refined petroleum products market and related businesses. The company’s core functions are the refining of crude oil, the marketing of our primary refined petroleum products and the provision of convenience services via their extensive retail network.

The African downstream petroleum powerhouse commenced operations in Mauritius on 1 February 2011 after purchasing 100% of the business as a going concern from Chevron. It currently operates 28 service stations across the island, 3 terminals plus a joint aviation and into-plane operation.

Source: Company Website


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