Here, we now know the two finalists who will be clashing for the title on the 24th May: Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid! The Stadium of Light will play host to the first Madrid derby ever. Yes people, it’s the first time in the Champions League story that the two finalists are from the same City.

Ancelotti’s Real Madrid reached their 13th finals in the UEFA Champions League after defeating the defending Champions Bayern Munich with an aggregate win of 5-0. After the first leg at the Bernabeu where they won by 1-0, Christiano Ronaldo and his team mates cloberred Bayern with a score of 4-0. Really, it was rather embarrassing you know. I don’t know what happened but Ribery & Co were really confused and it’s like they weren’t even trying.

But personally I think that it’s one of the setbacks of playing in a “not so tough” league! And that Pep Guardiola is also to blame: this tactical battle was incredibly similar to the first leg, where Bayern Munich dominated possession without offering any penetration, and Real Madrid attacked at speed. So if you tried it in the first leg and it didn’t work, the safest thing to do would have been to change tactics! Well, the outcome is that Real Madrid are now heading to Lisbon for the final. Carlo Ancelotti’s men knocked out Guardiola’s Bayern, ending their hopes of becoming the first team to successfully defend in Champions League era.

Atletico Madrid… well, what can I say? Despite a fantastic season in La Liga, I honestly didn’t expect them to win against Chelsea. José Mourinho has a fantastic defender in the person of Gary Cahill and the provocative coach might park one bus (or two, like Rodgers said when his team got creamed by Chelsea on Sunday… but that ‘s another story) but he has proved that he has the tactical brilliance to outsmart even the most exciting of teams. It just hasn’t worked out this time! Saving his “best” team for this match hasn’t done any good either. Yeah, remember, he threatened to play his team B against Liverpool on Sunday because the FA refused to reschedule the match. But we should give credit where credit is due:Atletico is now in the the C1 finals after 40 years and they deserve it.

I think it will be an epic match with on one side, a team targeting La Decima and the other fighting for its first Champions League title! Either way, we can be sure that the trophy will be in Madrid this year 😉

I love having predictions and your thoughts. Who are you supporting? And who do you think will win the title this year?

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