LFC lost one of the crucial games last night. One that would have put pressure on Manchester City FC (MCFC) for their home game against Aston Villa on Wednesday. But Rodgers’ men threw away a 3-0 lead at Crystal Palace with 12 minutes remaining to be held 3-3!

Ok, let’s get this straight from the start. I totally know that there’s still a chance for Liverpool FC (LFC) to win the title, but I deliberately won’t mention it as the chance is as slim as me buying a fake LV bag; it can happen but don’t count on it!

What exactly happened last night anyway? The Reds took a 3-0 lead and looked to be cruising to a comfortable win until the 79th minute, then Crystal Palace absolutely wrecked them, scoring three goals in 10 minutes, earning a spectacular 3-3 draw. For 78 minutes, Gerrard and his team mates looked really in control. They had ball possession, were attacking and were solid defensively but then BAM! it all crumbled. The back 4 had simply split their defence wide open, outshining their brilliant attacking skills. And of course Delaney and Gayle took advantage of that situation.

I guess the Lidverpulians thought they’d just go to Selhurst Park and take a stroll. Well, with 12 minutes to go, 3-0 up and knowing what is at stake, all you had to do was defend but they were mostly concentrating on reducing the goal difference with Manchester City. Brendan, don’t they have buses in Liverpool? You just couldn’t park one, don’t mind two in front of your goal after leading 3-0? Jose must be laughing himself silly after you stated that defending was easy last week!

Seriously though, a team that is contemplating a win in the Premier League just doesn’t have the right to be this generous in defence. They got carried away and over confident, they lost their concentration and within the last minutes their game had become incoherent. But well, it’s done now.

However, I agree with Brendan Rodgers when he says, “But we can be incredibly proud of this season.” Liverpool indeed had a great season: scored 99 goals against 47 last season and climbed from 7th to 1st place. They’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, lot of regrets yes, but no shame.

Now all I can wish the LFC fans is to cry silently into their pillow and all the while praying for a miracle!

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