It’s with a mind full of curiosity that I went to watch Dhoom 3 one week after its release and I want my money and my time back. Seems insane but this feeling cropped up within the first thirty minutes of the movie.


The Star Cast


Aamir Khan

Nothing new except the addition of Aamir Khan who is the crowd puller but who fails to impress in this movie. Exit Aamir Khan, Dhoom 3 would just turn out to be a super Flop. Aamir Khan, “Mr Perfectionist”, magnificently portrays the double role of Samar and Sahir but some loopholes can be felt. Aamir Khan is certainly not at his best with Dhoom 3. After watching Lagaan, Ghajini, Taare Zameen Par, 3 idiots – to name but a few –, Aamir Khan disappointed me with a character which doesn’t do justice to his reputation. And he probably knows that. The sports bike and the special effects don’t suit him. Because of his height, Katrina Kaif looks like a giant and way too sexy for him, though Khan sports six packs.

Abhishek Bachchan

Since 2004 he has been associated with the Dhoom brand and in each sequel, the villain has overshadowed his character – John Abraham (Dhoom 1) , Hrithik Roshan (Dhoom 2) and history repeats itself with Dhoom 3’s villain: Aamir Khan. Abhishek Bachchan tries hard to play the intelligent cop who, like in the previous Dhooms, tries to resolve the mystery of the numerous robberies. And yet, 9 years and 2 sequels later, Abhishek Bachchan remains the loser in the movie.

Uday Chopra

Was he really important in this sequel? Uday Chopra had no option than to be part of this movie because it’s under the Yash Chopra Banner. It’s the same “Ali” since nine years with the same flirty attitude and irritating English. In a 2013 movie shot in Chicago, do we still need the “Tapori” (small time crook) to make us laugh?

Katrina Kaif

Once again she confirms my opinion, more than an actress she is used as “part of the décor”. She is seen performing two songs where she is barely dressed, with not one single important dialogue. It’s a total of more or less 30 minutes of her presence in the movie, should I venture to say a special appearance of Katrina Kaif ?



The Plot 

Action thriller movie,” they said. Now where were action and the thrill? It’s as if the makers were obliged to repeat the same storyline – the intelligent thief who robs a bank and leaves a message to the police officers. Being a sequel, the makers seemed obsessed with the sports bikes and had to fit them in the plot. The BMW K 1300 R bike is a wise choice indeed, however credit goes to the stunt men who performed the dangerous acts. The only twist in the storyline is when the viewers together with Abhishek Bachchan discover that Aamir Khan has a twin brother. Once you are exposed to this truth, you can easily anticipate the flow of the story.

Dhoom 3 is the old wine in new bottle, a repetition of the story, sequences among others.


 The music

Kamli ”and “Malang” songs, besides the usual theme song “Dhoom Machale”, are the only appealing songs from Dhoom. It’s a movie which leaves no space for romantic songs, therefore Pritam (the music director) did not have such a tough job.


 My appreciation

 The acrobatic skills of Aamir Khan are the only noteworthy element in Dhoom 3. Besides that, I have nothing to rejoice about the movie. Aditya Chopra the producer of the film aimed high by pulling two biggies together – Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan. But the lack of chemistry of the two super stars failed to create the sparkles in my eyes. The movie became a hit out of curiosity and nothing more.


Humble request: spare me another sequel of the Dhoom series.

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