COMOROS. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) in the field of Tourism will be signed between the Comoros and Seychelles in January. This is one of the main outcomes of the working sessions between Alain St. Ange, Tourism and Culture minister of the Seychelles and Bahiat Massoundi, the Comoros Minister of Transport and Tourism. St Ange, also acting as president of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands, visited the Comoros during the third week of December.
The MoU which will be signed during Bahiat Massoundi’s visit to Seychelles in January will aim at enhancing the hotel infrastructure and training the service industry personnel of the Comoros. “It is clear that together in the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands we can work with Comoros to increase their visibility,” explained the Seychellois Tourism minister.
The Comoros are actually stepping up their role within the Vanilla Islands initiative. Massoundi thus confirmed Comorian participation in a regional meet in August. During which the culture and culinary arts of the Indian Ocean islands will be showcased.
After his visit to Comoros, St Ange flew to Mayotte where he met with president Daniel Zaidini. The two confirmed that Mayotte will co host the 2014 edition of the world known Carnaval International de Victoria together with South Africa, Madagascar and La Réunion.
The Vanilla Islands initiative is jointly managed by the island nations of Seychelles, Madagascar, La Reunion, Mauritius and Comoros in the Indian Ocean to create a novel travel destination brand. The objective behind this partnership, made on the 4th of August 2010 at La Reunion, is to garner resources to provide advertising by all the countries.

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