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Mauritius and India are displaying a continued positive thrust in their relationship with India-headquartered Astonfield Renewables being chosen for a large-scale renewable energy project comprising the construction of two photovoltaic farms in Mauritius of 2 MW each.

The photovoltaic (PV) developer firm with offices across the United States and India, won its first large-scale renewable energy project for the establishment of photovoltaic (PV) panels in Mauritius for energy generation of 4 MW in all under the program.

And, this flagship project marks another breakthrough for Astonfield on the East African market and emphasizes the vast potential of India’s project development capabilities.

It may be noted that the program itself is wider in its ultimate scope and comprises the installation of 10 MW of PV energy under the aegis of the Government of Mauritius.

Mr Naroo, CEB chairman and Dr Babou Rajpati, resident board member of Astonfield Renewables signed the agreement on Monday at the headquarters of the CEB in Curepipe.

This project benefits from a capital investment to the tune of USD 8 million spread over the next 12 months.

Astonfield is one of only three companies to have been awarded this tender capturing 40 percent of the allocated projects.

The first farm in La Gaulette will be 100% controlled by Astonfield while the second farm in Union Flacq will be managed by Astonfield in partnership with Atleo.

A German contractor that is a leader in the field of EPC (Energy Procurement Construction) under project management, will be responsible for construction of these farms.

These will be built to withstand major cyclones which occasionally hit Mauritius, and will be at the forefront of energy-producing technology in Mauritius.

However, the construction phase begins only once all administrative procedures have been completed.

The Co-Chair of the Board and director at Astonfield Renewables, Ameet Shah stated from the Mumbai headquarters, “We are indeed proud to have been entrusted those projects by the Government of Mauritius. With this additional capacity, Mauritius is positioning itself to be the clean energy hub for not only its territory but also East Africa as we are determined to use the country as a platform for financing activities, engineering and project management related work.”

Shah, who was appointed to the prestigious US Department of Commerce Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee (RE&EEAC), added “Mauritius has taken a bold step in reducing its dependency on fossil fuels, especially being such a small island and much more vulnerable to climate change. Since the country benefits from great solar resources throughout the year, it makes sense to make the most out of it. These projects are in sync with the Maurice Ile Durable concept.”

Besides Mauritius, Astonfield Renewables is leading photovoltaic projects across Oman, India and East Africa.

About Astonfield:

Astonfield Renewable Resources Ltd is a leading provider of renewable energy in emerging markets, shaping markets for clean energy and stimulating economic growth.

The company is headquartered in India with significant presence in the United States, including several offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and New York.

With photovoltaic power plants across India, Astonfield provides clean and affordable energy solutions tailored to the unique needs of utilities, commercial energy companies and industrial societies.

Led by a management team with far-reaching experience in the implementation of energy projects in emerging markets, Astonfield brings a judicious blend of global expertise and proven knowledge in local markets to ensure the implementation of the project.

By partnering with the best technical service providers worldwide, Astonfield offers clients across emerging markets clean energy technologies at competitive and affordable rates.

Astonfield was awarded the Global Green Award by the United States Department of Commerce.

Image (Company): Dr Babou Rajpati, resident board member of Astonfield Renewables, and Mr Naroo, CEB chairman, signed the agreement on Monday at the CEB headquarters in Curepipe.

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