Mauritius witnessed the brutal murder of Dimple Raghoo, a police officer working in the anti drug unit. She is not the first police officer dead on duty and will not be the last. Society must understand that crime will never be eradicated for the simple reason that human nature does not permit us to be perfect.

We have to start accepting  the plain truth and admit that somehow the system is failing. But who can we really blame? I for my part will start by blaming one thing “Greed”, people have become greedier, they want an easy life, they care only for themselves and for their families while killing millions of others without an ounce of guilt. How many people are dying due to hard drugs ( Synthetic drugs, Heroine, Cocaine), the count is increasing day by day, and how many people in the force are putting their lives in danger?  Those people put their lives in danger so that our children are free from those drugs and live a healthy and happy life.

Young people are most prone to fall into this pattern, in need of money and with the high level of unemployment,who can say no to such a tempting offer? The offer of easy money creates a vicious circle, not only will the drug dealer deal but along he or she will create a demand that might affect many innocent lives hence creating a domino effect.

Dimple Raghoo will forever be engraved in the hearts of many Mauritians. Most Mauritians are hard working people, honest people, waking up in the morning working extra hours to provide for their families, giving up their own dreams to be able to see smiles in the faces of their loved one, however as the saying goes “life goes on” and after a few weeks the memory of Dimple Raghoo will fade into oblivion. I am writing this article because I want you readers to remember her, because she was an example of Bravor, dying on duty to eliminate drugs.

Now the famous question, “ What can we do?” We must start by educating ourselves and those around us, education is and will always be a key factor to stop the propagation of drug users, I am not only talking about the conversations that they have in school with teachers or social workers, but the ones that are discussed at home. A lack of communication and authority from parents nowadays can easily open the door of drugs into many households, it may be too late to intervene afterwards. In those times it is a must that parents find the right balance between friendship and authority, to be able to monitor their children and for them to understand that there are better alternatives to have a good time, for instance sport. Sports will always be more fashionable than any kind of drugs.

What about the criminals, the ones who did this atrocious act?  They are not the first one killing in the name of drugs and will certainly not be the last one. Drug dealers roaming freely in the streets, feeling that they are untouched, feeling powerful, that they are above the law and that they have the right to take the life of someone in such a merciless way. I highly believe that instead of a quick death they should receive the maximum number of years in prison and be tortured everyday, a more painful way to exit this journey of life for them.

Drugs dealers along with druglords are like poison injected into the veins of society and we must make sure collectively to stop this carnage, education, saying no to those synthetic drugs, living and leading a healthy lifestyle are a must nowadays.

Thank you Dimple Raghoo for your service to Mauritius and mankind, you shall always be remembered as a warrior and hero of the nation.

Contributor : Arwyn Bheekhoo

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