Leading hospitality brand Beachcomber Hotels recently sent a delegation to Seychelles to meet Tourism Minister Alain St Ange to solicit the minister’s views on the way forward for the tourism industry in 2014.

The aim of this meeting, held at the National Cultural Centre in Victoria, was to discuss the future of the tourism industry with the Seychelles Tourism Minister and to gain information on the new developments in air connectivity and upcoming hotels.

During the meeting, the delegation also discussed the possible integration of Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort as a partner hotel of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Organisation.

It may be noted that the Constance Hotels and the Mauritius Hotel Group are already members of the Vanilla Islands.

The Beachcomber Hotels delegation comprised the General Manager of the Seychelles Beachcomber Sainte Anne Resort, Norbert Couvreur; the Commercial Director of the Beachcomber Hotels Group of Mauritius, Robert de Speville; and the General Manager of Le Canonnier Hotel and of Le Mauricia Hotel of Mauritius, François Venin.

The Beachcomber Hotels delegation also apprised Minister Alain St Ange of the plans they have for Beachcomber’s Sainte Anne Resort.

Tourism industry in Seychelles is performing well since Seychelles President James Michel took the initiative some five years ago to rejuvenate the industry by launching the “Seychelles Brand” of tourism.

Hence, Seychelles has put in all-out efforts towards improving its tourism industry and showcasing its culture.

Minister Alain St Ange said that he managed his ministry with an open-door policy and he was pleased to see all the tourism trade members to discuss matters relating to their own establishments.

It is to be noted that Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP), thus the tourism industry remain important to boost the economy sector of Seychelles as the island recorded tourist arrivals last year at over three times the population of Seychelles.

Image (via Indian Ocean Times): The aim of this meeting was to discuss the future of the tourism industry with Seychelles Tourism Minister Alain St Ange and to gain information on new developments in air connectivity and upcoming hotels.

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