“Value the marine environment for sustainable development” was Mauritius-based hospitality major Azuri’s objective in sponsoring two days training of seven professionals from the tourism and marine sector.

This professional training in ‘Foundation on Coastal and Marine Habitats of Mauritius’, which took place at the Riverside Shopping Centre at Rivière-du-Rempart’ was organised by the NGO Reef Conservation, and fits within its framework of corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The training was aimed at sensitizing and educating the professionals on the importance of species living in their natural habitat in and around the lagoon, especially in the north of the island.

“The environment is one of four axes on which our CSR is based. Trainings around the theme of the Marine and Terrestrial environment are integral to the various trainings which Azuri offers to the inhabitants of regions touched by our CSR,” said Marine Perdrau from the CSR department at BlueLife Ltd.

“It is important that the inhabitants of the coastal and neighbouring regions are informed about their environment so that they are better equipped to protect and respect their habitats,” she noted.

“We sought the collaboration of the NGO Reef Conservation, as well as well as other trainers, for this workshop, and are always connected to the marine and terrestrial environs,” she added.

The two days of intense training by Reef Conservation were enough for plunging the participants, hailing from the North of the island, into the marine and coastal ecosystem universe that play host to a variety of fauna and luxuriant flora.

Incidentally, it was in the north-east of the island, abundant in nature, that the participants got the opportunity to explore nature. They were entitled to an escapade in the waters of Roches-Noires not only to gain a deeper understanding of the marine and coastal ecosystem, but also appreciate its importance for human beings.

In addition, during these two days of training, the participants became aware of man’s influence on aquatic and coastal life. For example: a whole ecosystem surrounds mangroves, with plants and animals, such as crabs, shrimps and fishes, which are fed by the leaves which are trapped in mangroves roots.

One of the participants, Priyamvada Seetul from Roches-Noires, hailed it as a “wonderful initiative on behalf of Azuri” that gave the participants the opportunity to be part of an interesting training on the marine ecosystem.

“With this training, I have learnt a lot about sea creatures and I also learnt how to protect the mangroves, because they contribute towards the smooth functioning of the marine ecosystem. Furthermore, it made us focus on the conservation of our environment and alerted us to its importance,” she added.

Following the success of this first training on the marine ecosystem, Azuri is going to repeat the experience very soon with about twenty participants this time.

About Azuri

An initiative of realty major BlueLife Ltd, Azuri is one of the fastest selling property developments in Mauritius.It is established as an aspirational ocean lifestyle village, offering beachfront luxury residences, including penthouses, duplexes and apartments.

About BlueLife Limited

BlueLife Limited is a leading real estate company based in Mauritius. Formerly known as Fuel Properties Limited, the company was incorporated in 2004 and is a subsidiary of Union Flacq Ltd. BLL owns Azuri, Les Hauts Champs, Riverside Shopping Complex, Circle Square, and the Harbour Front Building.

Image (Azuri): The two days of intense training by NGO Reef Conservation were enough for plunging the seven participants, hailing from the North of the island, into the marine and coastal ecosystem universe that play host to a variety of fauna and luxuriant flora.

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