Another day, another story on Apple and Samsung’s battle. The South Korean conglomerate has been found guilty of patent infringement while it saw another of its patents invalidated by the Northern District of California Court.


Judge Lucy Koh’s verdict is a knock-out blow for Samsung. Once again a US court district rules in favour of the American tech company. Though the Seoul-based firm argued that Apple’s patent alludes to hardware keyboard not the ‘soft’, for the judge there is no disputing: Samsung has violated Apple’s autocomplete feature.

The autocomplete item enhances iPhone and iPad users’ typing experience by suggesting words that can save significant time. However Samsung, like other brands, has also embedded the key feature into their Android powered devices.

Samsung has lost its ‘multimedia synchronization method and device’ patent as well.  The judge further claimed that it should not have been granted in the first place. Therefore it is now invalid.

The never-ending battle

Samsung has fallen on its knees to Apple quite a few times. The electronics company received a big rap on its knuckles in 2012 when the court ordered it to pay US$1 billion in damages to Apple. In November 2013, Samsung has been sued again by Apple over patent infringement allegations, totalling US $290M. For fans and foes, Apple currently has 5 applications to bring to court while Samsung has only 4.  The next court battle between the two giants is set for March 31st.


Source: Techcrunch

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