In less than 15 months, Mauritius-based construction project management firm Akwire has worked on projects worth several hundred million rupees. Another feather in its cap, the company was the sole supplier for Azuri, a coastal village property development project which comprises 236 apartments, two restaurants and the 100-room Centara Grand Azuri hotel.

Akwire Procurement Services Ltd, created in 2012, as a joint-venture between Mauritian conglomerate GML, GML’s real estate subsidiary BlueLife Limited and project consultancy major Hoolooman & Associates Ltd, is a specialist in sourcing and supplying for construction projects and delivery of furniture, equipment, and other materials.

“Akwire has developed a purchase technique which allows it to estimate methodically the procedures in term of planning, reports and at the end the delivery of furniture, equipments and other materials for various projects,” said General Manager, Philippe D. de Spéville.

“This methodology details the responsibility of every person, from consultantto seller, to make sure that the procedures are executed in an effective, efficient and transparent way,” he added.

“Our success is based on the quality of the service and speed of delivery, because supply is a domain where specific criteria must be respected to the letter,” said Philippe D. de Spéville.

These criteria are: an expenditure plan prepared with the client, an estimated cost according to the project, a database of qualified suppliers, specifications of projects before the call for tenders to make sure that they are exact, a call for tenders, processing of purchase orders, the production and the payments, the freight procedures by an indicated shipping agent and by a seller, provision of storage space, installation and investment of product according to a pre-established calendar of projects, and a register of properties for the compilation of all project files.

The Mauritius-basedconcern is already looking forward to making even greater progress, and wishes to establish itself in theregion and in Africa.

“We will still continue to put in efforts towards completing the BlueLife Limited development project, with notable milestones such as the renovation of the Marsalin residence and the Alezan at Azuri, some hotels and other real estate projects in Mauritius, but in parallel, wealso have an eye on the African Market,” concluded Philippe D. de Spéville.

Image (Company): The company is a specialist in sourcing and supplying for construction projects and delivery of furniture, equipment, and other materials.

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