Bollywood is certainly about money making but also about creativity. 2013 has undeniably been a year, during which the Indian cinema has known the greatest numbers of sequels. Directors’ arguments were least convincing, while some say they attempted to revive the yesteryears success, others admitted to just pleasing the audiences who wanted more of the same.

After the success of Yamla Pagla Deewana in 2011 marking the comeback of Dharmendra and his sons Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol, the trio wanted to recreate the magic. An attempt, which turned out to be a flop.

So where did they fail? Was it the star cast or simply the feeling of “too much” of the fans of the Deol clan. Blame it on the makers or the star casts. Movie business can be so unpredictable, the success of the latter solely relies on the audience’s appreciation even if the stars give their best performance. This is what happened this year with the sequel of the 90’s hit movie – Aashiqui (1990), Aashiqui 2. Both Aashiqui 1 and 2 had the same fate as they became blockbusters and the cast least known to the public became famous overnight.

Another blockbuster sequel of this year is Rakesh Roshan’s production movie Krrish 3. A story which demanded creativity as well as technological innovation to be put on film since the plot revolves around the superpowers of Krrish, the character portrayed by Hritik Roshan. Even if Krrish 3 leaves you with the feeling of déjà vu, it did well at box office – credit to the scenario. The sequelmania will probably not be ending here for the Roshans.


Almost all the super stars of Bollywood have been seen in sequels of their own movies: Salman khan with the Dabang series, Akshay Kumar with Once upon a time in Mumbai dobara, Saif Ali Khan in Race2.

Aamir khan and Shah Rukh Khan are among the few leading stars of Bollywood who have not been seen in any sequel, at least not of their own movie.

Shah Rukh khan’s starring movie Chennai Express has been ranked as the number one flick of the year 2013. It broke almost all the Box Office records as well as a personal record for Deepika Padukone with four back-to-back hits this year. While Mr. Perfectionist Aamir khan, famous for his versatile acting skills, last seen in Talaash (2012) is force once essaying a double role in DHOOM 3.

Creativity and originality are going to keep the Bollywood up and running. Since the saturation from the sequels will probably take over the viewers very soon. Viewers are keen to see original script and technological innovation leaving behind the same lengthy typical Bollywood sagas. Bollywood lovers have grown in maturity, they want more realistic story lines, fresh faces cast in vibrant scenarios over new locations.

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